ID Cards

Plastic cards to be used as ID’s for offices, institutions; membership cards for gyms and shops. Cards come in batches of 10, being Rs 1000 for a batch of 10. Details of employees / members including pictures and signatures are required in digital format.


ID Card Size: 54×86 mm (Credit Card Size)


How to send us an ID Card Job:


– Design one ID Card on CorelDRAW / Illustrator
– Take photographs of staff. Each photograph has to be around 600 kb in
jpeg format, size not more than 3×2 cm at 300 dpi and note file names
– Download sample Excel file. Fill out 1 row for each employee. Cols will
have details like name, designation, employee No and file name of





Zip photos & Excel sheet to a single file and upload to us




Id cards for web-01


Id cards for web-02



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